Services Tailored to Fit Your Needs

Our concrete and asphalt services are tailored to meet the needs of each of our customers—from paving and repair to coating and striping. Learn more about what we have to offer below.


Asphalt is the most used and cost effective choice for your parking lot and roadway surfaces. Lone Star Paving offers turnkey new installs as well as overlays or resurfacing of existing asphalt surfaces.


All surfaces fail at some point due to stress—or even just the weather. Whether it’s potholes or full depth failures, Lone Star Paving provides quality asphalt repairs ensuring a smooth ride for years to come.


We have a full line of concrete services for new construction in the Nashville, TN area. Our ease of new construction and affordable concrete parking lots and pavements will give you a peace of mind for concrete repair, new slab installs, sidewalks, and curbs.


Our team is fully equipped to seal coat parking lots for small retail centers all the way to large shipping warehouses and office complexes. We’re ready to help you protect your asphalt from water, oxidation, and petroleum products.


If you have dull faded paint lines or are looking to create new parking spaces, Lone Star provides expert striping using only premium traffic paints for any project. We offer line striping, handicap markings, fire lane compliance, and more created to last.


Asphalt is used because of its durability, cost-effectiveness, simplicity of construction, and strength. Using hot mix asphalt, Lone Star will provide you with a well constructed, long lasting surface. Unlike concrete, asphalt can be re-layered and with proper maintenance, it can last for years. Common maintenance practices for asphalt parking lots include:

  • Overlay – Also called resurfacing, is a cost-effective, long-term solution in severe cases of deterioration (i.e. large alligatored areas or grade depressions).
  • Patching – This is the most common type of repairs used to fill in pot holes. Usually done by saw cutting and cleaning out deteriorated areas, before repairing with hot 411E mix asphalt.


Properly designed and constructed asphalt pavements rarely deteriorate from traffic. Surface wear is primarily caused by weathering, oxidation, and destructive softening effects of gasoline, oils, and de-icers. Preventative seal coating extends the life of your asphalt parking areas by:

  • Preventing Oxidation – Regular seal coating applications shield against the drying action of the sun which can lead to graveling and cracking.
  • Resisting Oil Spills – The coal tars used in asphalt sealer are impervious to oil spills.
  • Weatherproofing – The accumulation of moisture in the pavement’s structure is the greatest cause of pavement damage. Seal coating prevents water seepage into the porous asphalt structure.
  • Easier to Clean and Maintain – Sealing fills the voids in the asphalt creating a smoother surface to clean and maintain.
  • Beautifies – Sealed asphalt looks and wears like new asphalt and improves the “curb appeal” of your property.
  • Saves Money – Asphalt, a petroleum product, continues to increase in cost. For just pennies a square foot, seal coating can protect your investment and prevent costly repairs.


Using only premium quality traffic paint, Lone Star can re-stripe your existing lot or layout and paint new parking areas. We can add or remove spaces to meet any need, as well as update handicaps, fire lanes, and crosswalks to meet ever changing standards. We can also provide custom stenciling, such as numbered spacing, reserved parking, visitor parking, and more.

Other Marking Services Include:


  • Concrete – Lone Star also offers concrete sidewalk, curb, and dumpster pad installation or repair.
  • Crackfilling – Polymer based crack sealants are used to fill in .25″ and greater longitudinal — cracks to prevent further separation and deterioration.
  • Signage, Pole Bollards, and Car Stop Installation – Lone Star can install car stops, new signs, sign poles, and pole bollards for all scenarios, easily helping to clearly define traffic flow.