Preparing Asphalt for the Winter Season

Once the fall weather starts to fade and the weather grows colder, it’s a sure indicator that winter is upon us. During this time, we usually prepare our cars, our home’s interior and exterior, landscaping and more for the onslaught of cold weather and snow. However, it’s also essential that we take the time to prepare our driveways and residential streets, as well. Whether you own an asphalt driveway or work in roadways services, here are a few things you can do to prepare driveways and roads for the winter season:

Clean up debris: Make sure roads and driveways are clear of any fallen, branches, leaves, acorns, and dirt. Roads and driveways that are clear of debris will be safer to drive on in during inclement weather, as it will be much easier for shovels and plows to clear snow off of them. For driveways, it’s easiest to use a broom or leaf blower to clean up debris. However, asphalt parking lots and roads will need professional cleaning services due to their expansive nature.

Invest in asphalt maintenance essentials: During the frigid winter, it’s essential to have the right tools on hand to ensure that you can get in and out of your driveways and safely navigate roads. You should always have a strong shovel or two, pavement salt, and for roads, cold mix for pothole repairs.

Keep an eye out for standing water: Pay close attention to any areas that tend to hold a lot of standing water. Once the winter passes, you should invest in repairments for those specific areas. However, standing water can cause issues during the winter, for when the temperature drops, that water will freeze and become a hazard.

Check and seal cracks: Before the winter snowfall, check pavement for any cracks and fissures. Any that you find would be properly sealed and protected. Left unprotected, snow and ice will expand those cracks, and you’ll have bigger and more expensive problems on your hands.

By utilizing this handy tips, roads and driveways are sure to remain safe and protected during the cold winter season. Most importantly, these preparations will also ensure that the asphalt will stay intact and in good shape come time for spring.