Why Signs and Road Markings Play an Important Role in Transportation

Pavement Markings and Signs Nashville, TN

The importance of traffic signs and pavement markings on roads are greatly underestimated by many while their presence is taken for granted by drivers of all ages. Think of all the snap decisions you make while driving; which way should I turn? What exit should I take? Is this a right-turn-only lane? Without signs and road markings, would you still be able to make your driving decisions confidently? Traffic signage plays a very significant role in transportation, for it acts as a form of communication for drivers, pedestrians, and bicyclists. For pavement markings and signs in Nashville, TN and the middle Tennessee area, contact Lone Star Paving, today. Lone Star provides expert striping and signs using only premium traffic paints. Need concrete? We also offer concrete repair and new installs of concrete slabs, sidewalks, and curbs.

Signs and Safety

Without signs and road markings, the safety of transportation would quickly diminish and chaos would ensue. Unmarked pavement can cause moments of uncertainty in determining the proper route to take. Not to mention, trying to figure out the correct traffic pattern, lane space, right-of-ways, etc., proves to be very distracting for drivers and can even be hazardous. Having proper pavement markings and traffic signs is essential, for it directs traffic, enforces speed regulations, establishes parking regulations, marks areas of pedestrian crossings, provides lane boundaries, guides turning points, and so much more. Most importantly, these markings and signs are there to minimize accidents, maintain safety, and optimize the driving experience. While we can’t control the safety measures taken by the drivers we share the road with, motorists can take comfort in knowing that there are sufficient means of signage and markings to help navigate us through detours, road hazards, vast parking lots and unfamiliar areas.

Common Roadway Signs

Featured below are a few examples of roadway signs that are implemented in order to keep drivers safe and alert.

Regulatory Signs

Regulatory highway and street signs typically consist of yield signs, stop signs, turn regulation signs, parking signs, traffic signal signs, railroad crossing signs, road closed signs, etc.

Warning Signs

Common warning signs include turn warnings, curve warnings, intersection signs, merge signs, narrow lanes/road signs, low clearance signs, pedestrian crossings, speed advisory signs, speed bump warnings, construction work, etc.

Marker Signs

Roadway marker signs include route markers, detour signs, junction signs, etc.

With efficient signage and roadway markings, drivers are more likely to follow traffic laws and regulations, allowing for safer driving conditions. The reduction of car accidents, the safety of pedestrians, and the increase of effective non-verbal communication are all achievable with more pronounced and legible road signs and markings.