Repairing a Concrete Driveway After Winter Damage

With the winter weather at bay, it’s time to assess your home for any exterior damage that may have been caused by any snow, sleet, rain, ice, etc. However, these damages aren’t limited to just the exterior of your home, but to the exposed concrete you may have installed–i.e. driveway, patio, porches, and walkways. Although concrete is created to be strong and durable, the harsh winter weather is still capable of causes cracks and stains. Not to mention, winter weather can cause fluid that typically drips from cars to stain the concrete. So, how do you repair damages made to your concrete driveway from the winter? More importantly, how do you avoid future damage? Let’s take a closer look at ways to repair your concrete driveway, as well as ways to keep it damage free in winters to come.

To start, if you notice staining due to leaking cars or other natural elements, you may want to consider giving it a good power wash. Before you start to power wash, be sure to sweep away any leaves, grass, and debris that might be scattered on your driveway. Once that’s completed, make sure any exterior walls and windows that are near your driveway are covered–a plastic sheet and painters tape should suffice in keeping the surfaces of your home covered. Next, you’ll want to degrease the surface of your concrete with the proper power washing soap. This will help to get all the tough stains off of your concrete driveway. After that, you’re all set to start power washing. The most important step is to paint a layer of sealant on your concrete after it dries from the power wash. A waterproof sealant will help to keep your driveway protected from future staining in all weather conditions. A good, strong sealant will also help keep your concrete intact and reduce the possibility of delamination–the separation of concrete layers.

Repairing a concrete driveway may require calling the professionals

However, if the damage to your concrete goes further than staining, you may have to rely on heaving repairs for your concrete driveway. Concrete heaving is one of the most popular forms of damage done during the wintertime. Heaving is when concrete is shifted out of place. If your concrete driveway has heaved, then it’s time to call in the professionals. Typically, professional concrete pavers will use a grinder to scrape away the heaved concrete, making it a flat, smooth surface again. However, if your concrete is heaved more than 2 ½ inches or shows signs of shattering, you may have to replace that section altogether. This is a rare case that occurs more frequently to old sidewalks rather than to concrete driveways.

Taking good care of your concrete driveway throughout the year will help to keep it safe from the brutal temperatures of the wintertime. If you do notice signs of cracking and heaving on your concrete driveway, be sure to call your local concrete pavers for top-quality repairs. Lone Star Paving offers a full line of concrete services in Nashville, TN, Middle Tennessee and the Southeast US, from concrete repair to new installs of concrete slabs, sidewalks, and curbs. Whether you are paving your driveway, an office complex or a distribution center, we have you covered. Contact Lone Star Paving for all of your paving needs!